Class A customers do not need to anticipate and reduce their electricity demand during peak hours in as they work to return to full levels of operation. Instead, Class A customers will have their peak demand factor from the period used to determine their global adjustment charges in Customers who participate in the Industrial Conservation Initiative ICI , pay Global Adjustment GA based on their percentage contribution to the top five peak hours of energy use in Ontario over a month base period May 1 to April Customers participating in this initiative are referred to as Class A. The graph below identifies whether the forecasted Ontario demand for the next 24 hours could be a top 10 Ontario demand peak during the current base period. Preliminary data is published 10 business days after the trade date. Final data is published 20 business days after the trade date.

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To save this word, you’ll need to log in. Colton b biology : a gap or passage in an anatomical part or organ 2 a : an interruption in time or continuity : break especially : a period when something such as a program or activity is suspended or interrupted after a 5-year hiatus from writing a summer hiatus b : the occurrence of two vowel sounds without pause or intervening consonantal sound Synonyms Did You Know?

Hiatus comes from “hiare,” a Latin verb meaning “to gape” or “to yawn,” and first appeared in English in the middle of the 16th century.

Legally defined as: “ land obtained by the United States through purchase or HIATUS – An area between two surveys, the record of which describes them as JUNIOR CORNER – A corner which is part of a survey occurring at a date.

Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. This can be a healing time for a couple or it can determine definitively if they should break up — either way, it can be a positive way to reach a final decision. Do you need space? Does one of you want to see other people? This will help set expectations and hopefully set the path for a smooth break. Six months is a break up, not a break, the experts say.

Dating Hiatus – The Importance of Taking a Break from Dating and Sex

Statement of Principles. Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act This Instrument may be cited as Statement of Principles concerning hiatus hernia No. This definition includes sliding hiatus hernia, paraoesophageal hiatus hernia, and mixed sliding and paraoesophageal hiatus hernia, but excludes congenital hiatus hernia, eventration of the diaphragm, and physiological herniation during swallowing. The Repatriation Medical Authority is of the view that there is sound medical-scientific evidence that indicates that hiatus hernia and death from hiatus hernia can be related to relevant service rendered by veterans, members of Peacekeeping Forces, or members of the Forces under the VEA, or members under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act the MRCA.

This definition includes sliding hiatus hernia, paraoesophageal hiatus hernia, effective date of 1 July , copyrighted by the Independent Hospital Pricing.

Related to hiatus: hiatus hernia. A gap or interruption in space, time, or continuity; a break: “We are likely to be disconcerted by Linguistics A slight pause that occurs when two immediately adjacent vowels in consecutive syllables are pronounced, as in reality and naive. Anatomy A separation, aperture, fissure, or short passage in an organ or body part. Anatomy anatomy a less common word for vulva. Switch to new thesaurus.

An interval during which continuity is suspended: break , gap , interim , lacuna , void. Mentioned in? References in classic literature? I ask your pardon, I fancy there is hiatus in manuscriptis.


I took a few days off recently, and I decided to call it a hiatus. I had time to look up the word “hiatus. Hiatus appeared in the 16th century as an anatomical definition. It meant “a break or opening” somewhere on the body. The opening in the diaphragm is called the hiatus. By a century later, the current meaning of an “interruption” or a “break” had developed.

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When I am single, I date freely. I maintain an intricate roster of guys I bench, penalize, throw in the game, and fire from my team as needed. In the past, I’ve kept the rotation going until I found my MVP a steady boyfriend and I’d retire from the game at that point. Things with my last lineup ended a little differently. Earlier this year, I found myself in an awkward position.

I wasn’t the girl who complained that there weren’t enough good men out there; my complaint was that there was too many. A man’s general care and thoughtfulness felt overwhelming and clingy to me. Dating was no longer the fun game it had been before and the last thing I wanted was “something real. Then, I came to the last guy on my roster, Dave. He was the most thoughtful, most romantic man I’ve met in my entire life.

He was definitely husband material, but I was 24, selfish, and incapable of giving him what he deserved.

On the definition and identifiability of the alleged “hiatus” in global warming

There’s a lot about dating that can be really fun, like meeting someone new, feeling that first spark of chemistry, having new experiences, and flirting — lots of flirting. And it’s so exciting to see that blossom into a meaningful relationship. But sometimes, it can feel like those awesome moments are few and far between, and all the swiping can start to feel like a chore. You’ve gone from single and loving it, to single and tired of dating.

Listen, I get it, I’ve totally been there — and the longer the funk goes on, the harder it can become to snap out of it.

The peak hiatus applies to Class A customers participating in ICI for the Top 10 Ontario demand peaks with coincident adjusted AQEW values to date.

I believe this is a more accurate definition. Now, unfortunately, I have encountered more than my fair share of men that fit this specific definition. Lol kidding! Mistake 1: I listened to my friends. But, as women sometimes we really want to make things work. While I can admit, I am a tough critic Mistake 3: I ignored my gut. I always pray for intuition and discernment.

Hiatus (television)

Tables and Data Elements. Student Data Home. Data Warehouse Home. The degree the student was pursuing when the hiatus began. A degree is an academic title pursued through a division of a school, and awarded by the University of Pennsylvania.

Here are some signs and reasons why you need a dating hiatus. other anymore, but because Ross and Rachel have different definitions of taking a break.

She makes her way over to me and, after some initial chitchat, she leans forward as if she’s about to divulge her deepest, darkest secret. Though seemingly innocuous, it’s one the question I don’t want to be asked, regardless of my relationship status. But, whenever I object, my reaction is pegged as the bitter invective of an eternal singleton. In reality, there are many other aspects of my life that I consider more important: my job, my new house, my travel plans, my friends, not to mention all the exciting things I’ve been getting up to.

If TV, films and books undergo the scrutiny of the Bechdel test , then women IRL should be able to talk about something other than their love and sex lives. But, when I’m continuously asked who I’m dating, who I’m texting, or who I’m interested in, it feels like a subtle-as-a-brick prod that I’m not normal; that I should be doing what’s expected of me.

Taking a break from your relationship? Here are the dos and don’ts

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Whether you set a defined time of three to five days, or just decide to You can go on a dating hiatus, and just focus on yourself,” she suggests.

Author s : Iselin Medhaug corresponding author [1]; Martin B. Stolpe [1]; Erich M. Fischer [1]; Reto Knutti [1]. Some years after the record warm global-mean surface air temperatures GMSTs in , claims were put forward by voices outside the scientific community that [global warming] stopped in [1], arguing on the basis of the HadCRUT3 [2] dataset that was available then that GMST had not increased over the period This was later called the global warming hiatus, pause or slowdown.

The topic circulated as a sceptical argument in the blogosphere for a few years [3], but until about only a few scientists [4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12] published on the observed short-term GMST trends being unusually low Fig. We hereafter refer to the GMSTs in the years after as the hiatus, and discuss whether there was in fact a hiatus, depending on the period and definition. Some had predicted a temporary slowdown of the warming [14, 15], but confidence in this new field of initialized decadal predictions was low.

At the time of the first draft, there was almost no literature on the hiatus to be assessed anyway Fig.

Hiatus Definition – What Does Hiatus Mean?