The Norton Commando motorcycle was a last-ditch effort to salvage a once-brilliant British motorcycle formula. Norton’s Commando series bowed in to great fanfare, but by the mids it had grown long in the tooth. Originally offered with a cc twin, it was decided that a power boost was in order. The engine itself was going on 30 years old, but it was a solid design, and Norton increased displacement to cc in what would turn out to be its final incarnation. Along with the larger engine came a front disc brake , joined later by a rear disc. In addition, U. Despite these efforts, Norton found itself deeper and deeper in the financial muck. BSA dropped out after , leaving Triumph and Norton to soldier on alone.

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This is a list of Norton branded motorcycles over all periods of the marque from to the present day. Norton Commando models used “Isolastic” engine mounts rubber mounted and had cc “” engines up to when the cc “” engine came into use. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wikipedia list article.

Exclusive: Guardian/ITV investigation reveals how pension holders, customers and staff lost out.

September Frame information introduction: While my original research on this subject was somewhat narrow in focus, it’s use over time has widened significantly. Different country, region and state regulations have differing nomenclature and requirement for items nortons to be identified faciliting registration for road use.

The specific items of identification on a norton had evolved over time and the items are fairly clear cut. There use by individuals and governments often are ignorant of the norton identification markings. Nortons VIN vehicle identification number style started in the early ‘s. Frames were stamped with VIN numbers directly in the metal frame including the earliest commando’s.

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It sounds more like a mixture problem to me and this should be checked first. Needles should be the special long ones 2. Needle jets should be the type with the little holes in the sides.. Needle jets can wear fast especially in the Commando and often need changing after only , miles. Worn needle jets will cause the problem described.

Hello, I have a Norton Commando with engine number 20M3S My first Commando was a ’72 combat roadster with Oct 72 date.

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The brand is expected to start localisation by the end of this year and roll out the bikes by early The upcoming Zongshen bike will use Norton powertrain but on different underpinnings. The motorcycle is currently available on per-order basis and will be brought here via the CBU route.

From to Norton machines had matching engine and the age of a machine because there is an overlap of dates and numbers in.

It was and the hallowed British motorcycle industry was on its knees. Of the lot, Norton was the only AMC-owned brand that was selling enough motorcycles to make any money. But now, Dennis Poore, the man behind Manganese Bronze, was faced with a daunting task. The American motorcycle market was the biggest in the world at the time and every Yank worth the star-spangled banner fluttering on his porch wanted nothing less than a big-displacement motorcycle.

Royal Enfield was already selling the handsome cc Interceptor in the States, and for a time it was actually one of the most powerful motorcycles in the world. Norton had to pull up its socks, but the biggest twin it had was the Atlas, which was essentially an overgrown Dominator — first introduced in — which was bored out to cc. The cycle parts were the same as the smaller and cc Dommies, and that included the Featherbed frame which, albeit garnering a legendary reputation for its handling prowess, was quite dated.

So, Poore and team decided to work with what they had. First, the cylinder blocks of the Atlas motor were canted forward to give the engine a dynamic stance even when the bike was standing still. But there was still that big thudding niggle called vibration that they had to sort out. The Royal Enfield Interceptor, itself a bored-out motor owing its heritage to the twin from the early post-war years, got rid of that problem by dynamically balancing the cranks at the factory before they went into the engines.

A smart engineer by the name of Dr.

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Seat height: The late Sixties were a tough time for the British motorcycle industry. Buyouts and mergers were happening left and right, yet despite being the illegitimate child of a shotgun marriage between Associated Motor Cycles and Villiers, the Norton Commando became one of the most successful motorcycles ever produced in Britain. Best known are the Roadster and Interstate models, built starting in until production ceased in But between the first Fastback Commando of and the final electric-start bikes of , the factory built a number of short-run variants that are now highly collectible.

Norton Commando Combat Roadster unfinished project. Back from the states where Comes with nova and dating certificate. Make: Norton; Model.

Launched in , it was an outstanding sales success, both at home and overseas, and is still a practical means of transport today, with expert service and spares supply available. Here is a detailed history and owners guide to this famous machine, including contemporary reaction to its launch, model changes, buying tips and technical specifications.

Included are road tests, new model introductions, specifications, history, technical and performance data plus an engine rebuild and buyers guide. But none of them will tell you what to look for when buying one secondhand. Point by point, it takes the reader through everything that needs looking at when buying a Commando, plus spares prices, which is the best model to buy for your needs, and a look at auctions, restorations and paperwork. Paperback, 64 Pages color ill Size: 5. The first Norton was built in and almost immediately Nortons were involved in competition.

This book tells the story of the bikes that gave the company such extraordinary racing success, from pre-war achievement, through the golden years of the Manx to the success of the rotary in more recent times. Clarke The story of the Norton Rotaries is traced from its announcement in the early 80s. Included are road, comparison and prototype tests, racing and riding impressions and full performance data. Format: Softbound Pages: Length: 8w x Includes road and combination tests, model introductions, specifications and performance data.

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In the new cc Norton Commando Model appeared, with the engine/​gearbox/swingarm unit isolastically insulated from the frame with a series of rubber.

Scrambler fever is everywhere and now British manufacturer Norton also has it with plans for a Norton Atlas cc scrambler in Next year Moto Guzzi will also release its V85 scrambler. The motorcycle community really has gone crazy wth modern scramblers and they have been a great success. Ducati used to be a sports bike company. In the s it became the naked company with the release of the Monster which became its top seller. Then in the s it was the adventure bike company when the Multistrada was released and became their biggest hit.

However they have not yet said which bikes they would be. It is also expected to be released next year and it is believed the cc parallel twin in the Atlas will share some of the engine architecture. Modern-day scramblers are not off-road machines, but all-road bikes that will tackle smooth dirt roads, not motocross tracks.

If it ends up looking like the prototype drawings, sign me up now! By far the best looking of all the modern scramblers.

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The 6-digit F series Frame Nos. This part of Norton history is documented in the usual written works on the subject. I do not know when the Frame Nos. Stories about the Italian frames being markedly inferior to the Reynolds frames are generally believed to be overdone. Most frames left the factory unstamped.

My favorite bike brand’s precarious balance. I studied everything I could about the bike and the brand, dating back to Norton’s start in

I’m a loyalist—a fervent fan who consumes inspiration and sticks by historic brands I worship. I assume most creative sorts have found themselves, at one point or another, obsessing over some timeless source of inspiration, too. Once our allegiance is sworn, we become advocates—an invaluable asset to any brand. Successful brands that relaunch seem to understand how deep and detailed this loyalist connection goes.

Think of Peter Jackson bringing Tolkien to the screen amid protests from Middle-earth scholars. Or Converse, risking “selling out” people’s favorite proverbial punk band. Burberry alienating some of its old-school Anglophile core by embracing a new era. But they all struck the right balance between the purists and the new audience.

Norton Motorcycles gets Atlas scrambler fever

This move should help drop prices from Rs 23 lakh to around Rs 15 lakh. Launched at Rs The Commando is inspired by the popular classic cafe racers of the 60’s. It features a small flyscreen up front that sits on top of the circular headlamp, a chiselled fuel tank to let you place your legs comfortably, a curvy rear section with an integrated tail light.

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When the classic British motorcycle marque Norton slumped into administration on Wednesday afternoon, the news was framed in the habitual way of a standard UK engineering corporate failure. However, the story is far more complex than that. It is a pile-up that includes hundreds of hapless pension holders, together with unsuspecting Norton customers, staff and even government ministers, who repeatedly endorsed Norton as millions of pounds in taxpayer support flowed into the firm.

All will take a lot of persuading that this is merely a story of a plucky British company that is a victim of circumstance. Garner bought the Norton brand in , after it had been under US ownership and had ceased producing bikes. He pledged to return the marque to former glories that include a racing tradition dating back to winning in the first Isle of Man TT race. Those savers had been persuaded by a conman to transfer their retirement funds out of conventional pension plans during and Their money was then locked up for five years into three new pension plans controlled by Garner — where the cash was invested in just one asset: Norton shares.

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