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Smite matchmaking quality feedback platte

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Get the latest news and videos for this game daily, no spam, no fuss. Smite puts the powers of the gods in your hands as you engage in a battle that will rattle the heavens. The game is a MOBA, but Read Full Review. At first it seem to be a good game well made Let’s begin with the matchmaking.. Let’s say you’re a new player to the game an Smite is one of the best mobas ever made!

The first thing to be a sucessfull game is the desing and lore, this game has great art work and rich lore. You can play as roman, greek, hindu Great game if you have just 20 minutes to play, or even if you have hours. I would just like to see if developers tried to make it even more friendly, nerd-rage is so annoying and could be discouraged even more : But the Well Smite is different


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We have sessions with lots of different SMITE employees where designers present some historical images and lore and we collect feedback.

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Smite PS4 Update 11.41 Changelog (Smite 11.41)

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Certain queue times were decreased to help with the server loads due to quarantines. These shorter queue times have hurt matchmaking on those specific modes. The changes we made to Joust and Conquest seemed to have the biggest negative impact on matchmaking, so we will be increasing them again to address the issue. Siege players have asked for a decreased queue time, so we’re reducing it to match Clash in the hopes that the population will go up if the wait time is lower — we’ll be keeping an eye on this to make sure matchmaking quality doesn’t suffer.

Finally, ranked conquest matchmaking appears to be in a very positive state, so we’re testing a reduced queue time here as well to hopefully improve quality of life for ranked players. Bonus balance will continue to be separated from the main update by containing only top meta nerfs, adjustment to the newest gods, or high priority fixes that impact the game in a wider sense, like some Joust and Duel changes we have planned for this week.

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I played a lot of ranked games but that is not important. So many reasons i will just share some of them. One or two players are less skilled than others. One of enemy team is too skilled and does not belong in skill category. Some people become verry toxic. The so called favourite adjustment are worst in my opinion I seem to loose them and win the unfavoured adjustment. This is before the game starts when we still pick champions. Imagine ur into a team where 2 people insult each other because of previous game or they just hate each other or u get a first pick ilidan or first 4 picks ranged assasin go and WIN THAT if u can.

Also a surrender button after 10 or 15 minutes would help. There is no thing as being stuck at low ranks because of others.

Smite matchmaking is bad 2018

We are actually quite happy with the current power level of Hand of the Gods HoG. We have already seen metas where the HoG Relic completely dominates the game, and our pro players have overwhelmingly told us that they do not enjoy those metas. HoG is intended to be a fringe Relic for supports or junglers when they feel like they need the extra jungle clear to execute a specific strategy.

I’ve played Smite for a long time and spent a good amount of money on it. Recently, my account was hacked and they managed to change the master email on the.

Smite update According to the official Smite Apart from this, Smite version Unfortunately, since the last patch, many players were experiencing a number of issues when trying to play the game. Smite PS4 Update A new split of Ranked has arrived! The philosophy behind Ranked for Season 7 has been working well. Ranked is more popular than ever and has shown some of our strongest Matchmaking metrics as well.

Preserving Matchmaking Rating has gone a long way in giving players long term goals to work towards and allowing our Matchmaker to use much stronger data in matching. We have seen a large amount of players returning to Ranked which has created variance around gold, but we expect that to level out over time. We are keeping a close eye on this to ensure that is the case. At the top end of players we have seen some areas where this system has broken down.

Matchmaking and Balance Complaints In SMITE